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Prof. Arie Zaban

Shalom Friends,

It always gives me great pleasure to walk the BIU campus during the day, to hop on a bike from one of 20 locations, and to experience the hustle and bustle of academic life first-hand. In an effort to keep the good things going, I'm pleased to report that during the past month, the entire BIU community has joined together to activate the campus after the sun goes down.

With free bikes, three different jogging paths, and shuttles encircling the campus, BIU is squarely on the map for sport and recreation. The Science Bar that we have opened in the university's cafés provides intellectually-challenging content featuring our best professors, and the scores of participants are entranced by a broad spectrum of lectures touching on issues as far-ranging as the Middle East conflict to smart cities. This is all part of our vision to connect Bar-Ilan with our neighbors in the seven surrounding municipalities, and make our campus vibrant and accessible to all. We invite you all to join the action… during the day, and into the wee hours of the night.

With my best wishes,

Prof. Arie Zaban
President of Bar-Ilan University

Academic Year 2017-18 Gets off the Ground on a High Note

Concert kicks off academic year

Throngs of BIU students celebrate the start of Academic Year 2017-18 with a festive mid-day concert organized by the BIU Student Union in the Bob Shapell Park on the south campus. This year some 17,000 academic degree candidates – including 35 from China – are enrolled throughout the university. Among the most popular majors: computer science, law, economics, engineering, management and logistics, and life sciences.

Ensuring a World for All Ages


Spanning cultures and centuries, ageism, or age discrimination, pushes older adults to society's margins and often affects health. Two prominent BIU experts, Prof. Liat Ayalon and Prof. Ehud Bodner, examine this age-old challenge that is ever so relevant today.

"For the first time in history, older adults have outnumbered children worldwide. It is therefore our duty to ensure a world for all ages, where age is not a barrier," says Ayalon. Read More »

Recovering History from the Targums

Prof Leeor Gottlieb

Targums are more than a pure translation of the Hebrew Torah text into Aramaic – once a common language among Jews. In addition to a plethora of Talmudic and Aggadic wisdom that illuminates the Biblical accounts, "these seemingly objective Torah translations can actually reveal important historical information, such as the muffled cries of oppressed Jews living under the rule of Islam," notes Dr. Leeor Gottlieb of Bar-Ilan University's Zalman Shamir Bible Department.

"This is doubly important in light of statements expressed by some people that in contrast to the Jews of Christian Europe, the Jews in Islamic lands lived under benevolent rulers." Read More »


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