Bar-Ilan University Online Newsletter No. 8 - 2017 Board of Trustees Issue
Board of Trustees 2017 Bar-Ilan University

Rabbi Prof. Daniel HershkowitzShalom Friends,

This is always one of my favorite newsletters – an overview of the annual meetings of the Board of Trustees – a time when the university showcases its many achievements. In this special BOT edition, you will also get a glimpse of notable events, including the Honorary Doctorate Convocation which gave much deserved recognition to nine outstanding individuals, a Gala Dinner honoring prominent philanthropists and alumni, the Azrieli Medical School celebration and the Model UN simulation.

You will also read of the election of two new Vice Chairpersons of the Board – Mrs. Jane Stern Lebell and Romie Tager QC – as well as the election of Prof. Arie Zaban as President of Bar-Ilan as of October 1, 2017. I want to take this opportunity to thank the Board for their special tribute to me as I complete my tenure as president and for the unique gift – the "Jerusalem Cube." What could be more fitting for a seasoned mathematician as Israel celebrates the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's unification?

While there are no pictures (for obvious reasons), the pre-BOT Shabbaton at the Dan Accadia Hotel in Herzliya was a most enriching and enjoyable experience. The illuminating panel discussions with Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau of Jerusalem's Ramban Synagogue; Rabbanit Dr. Pnina Neuwirth, an expert on tax and commercial law in Israel, and a noted lecturer in both the Judaic and legal fields; and Midrasha Director Dr. Tova Ganzel, offered fresh insights and food for thought.

A hearty yashar koach to all of you who actively contributed to the success of the 2017 Board of Trustees meetings and to all who came from near and far to take part.

 Daniel Hershkowitz

Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz,
President of Bar-Ilan University

Doctoral CeremonyBIU's 2017 Honorary Doctorate Ceremony

Bar-Ilan University awards its highest honor to nine esteemed recipients, including the Rishon LeZion and Jerusalem's Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar, French philosopher and humanitarian Bernard-Henri Lévy, national sports icon and goodwill ambassador Tal Brody, and the national emergency medical service Magen David Adom, who – together with their fellow honorees – have made far-reaching contributions to Israeli society, the Jewish nation, science, technology, education and culture. Read More »

Prof. Arie Zaban

New BIU President and BOT Vice Chairs Elected

The Board of Trustees unanimously elected Prof. Arie Zaban as Bar-Ilan University's next President. Prof. Zaban will assume the presidency in October 2017 when outgoing President Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz completes his term of office. Veteran BIU trustees Jane Stern Lebell and Romie Tager were elected Vice Chairpersons of the Board of Trustees. Read More »

GalaGala Dinner Lauds Philanthropic Leadership
and Alumni Achievement

BIU presents Presidential medals to leading philanthropists from around the world and Alumni Achievement Awards to university graduates who are making a significant contribution to Israeli society, culture and life. Read More »

Shlomo Moshe Amar2017 BIU Honorary Doctoral Lectures
and Events

Focusing on topics ranging from the Vessels of the Holy Temple to Pseudo Deterministic Algorithms, and from the Genius of Judaism to a colorful career in Israeli theater, BIU's 2017 Honorary Doctors spoke on subjects close to their heart while Magen David Adom sponsored a campus-wide Health Awareness Day. Read More »

Noted EventsNoted Events

This year's BOT meetings featured the Fifth Anniversary of the Azrieli School of Medicine, a Model UN simulation by BIUMUN delegates, and an off-campus visit to ContinUSE Biometrics, a promising start-up founded by BIU Engineering Professor Zeev Zalevsky. Read More »

Donor HighlightsDonor Highlights

More than 150 Katz student scholars and alumni unite with their patrons, Drs. Mordecai D. and Monique C. Katz. Nissim and Mira Dahan meet with the Dahan Sephardic Student Scholars and a moving tribute is held for the late Rachel, Haron and Ely Dahan z"l. Gabriella Nasch dedicates an important gift and the Tagers present their annual prize in Jewish legal research. Read More »

Benny LauScholars & Sources

Bridging the Gap between
Jewish Values and Modernity

Addressing the topic of "Jewish Values in the Modern World," three prominent Israeli scholars provide fresh insights into bridging the gap between our rich, two-millennia-old Jewish heritage and contemporary challenges during a panel discussion featuring Rabbi Dr. Benjamin (Benny) Lau, Rabbanit Dr. Pnina Neuwirth and Midrasha Director Dr. Tova Ganzel. The panel was moderated by British Friends Chairman Romie Tager QC. Read More »


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