Iran Nuclear Framework Agreement Endangers Israel says Begin-Sadat Center Director at AFBIU Event

Consequence of US Policy on Iran will be Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East

"Even in the absence of a signed Iran nuclear framework agreement, the US and its negotiating partners have already awarded legitimacy to Iran's nuclear threshold status…The consequence of US policy to secure this agreement will be nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey will emulate Iran," said Professor Efraim Inbar, director of the Bar-Ilan University Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies, at an American Friends of Bar-Ilan University (AFBIU) outreach event hosted recently by AFBIU Board member Daniel Gildin in the law office of his firm Kaufmann, Gildin & Robbins LLP in New York City. 

In his lecture exploring the "National Security Challenges of the New Israeli Government", Inbar said the deal is "basically dangerous in nature, and needs to be rejected outright." Saying we are progressing toward a North Korean model, Inbar told the group that the deal, if approved, would be a prelude to nuclear breakout and Iranian regional hegemony. Like the failed attempt by the West to stop North Korean from gaining the A-bomb, Inbar said the world's great powers are being self-delusional by making no attempt to roll back the Iranian nuclear program.

Only Military Action can Stop a Determined Iran

"If inspections, sanctions, sabotage and political isolation ever had a chance to stop Iran from getting the A-bomb that certainly is no longer the case. Only military action can stop a determined state such as the Islamic Republic of Iran from building a nuclear bomb," Inbar told the AFBIU Board members and supporters who attended this event.

According to Inbar, the criticism of President Obama's deal with Iran does fulfill one main function – to legitimize future military action. He said, "Prime Minister Netanyahu is the only leader concerned enough about the consequences of a bad deal who has the guts and the military capability to order a strike on the Iranian key nuclear installations."

Inbar added, "Israel is being pushed by the US to act preemptively to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities. A nuclear Middle East is not tolerable to Israel, and we have to prevent it."

Iranian Nuclear Threat is Israel's Greatest Security Challenge

He told the group that the Iranian nuclear threat is Israel's greatest security challenge. "It poses a much larger threat than the one we face from terrorist groups such as ISIS. Hostile states with armies, tanks and nuclear weapons are far more dangerous to Israel than terrorism…There will be no decisive victories over terrorist groups. The best we can do is to try to debilitate their capabilities to launch attacks against us."

This was the fourth program of AFBIU's ongoing Lunch and Learn series that emphasizes an intimate, interactive dialogue with Bar-Ilan scholars in an informal setting. Inbar said he hoped the group that attended this event would come away with both a deeper understanding of both the main security challenge facing Israel and why the BESA Center of Bar-Ilan University is a major player in powerfully advocating for Israel's security interests.

To learn more about the AFBIU Lunch and Learn series in New York City, as well as the BESA Center and its advocacy efforts on behalf of Israel, call Gary Baskind at 212-906-3904 or email


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