Bar-Ilan's Combination of Torah Studies and High-Tech Incubation Strengthen "Start-Up Nation" Says President Hershkowitz at NY Event

Lawrence, NY – What is behind Israel as the start-up nation? That is the question posed by Bar-Ilan University President Daniel Hershkowitz, who told the audience at a Five Towns, Long Island outreach event that the main factor is the "Jewish way of life" accepts the insight that "science knowledge helps us better understand the Torah, and vice versa. This is the ethos of Bar-Ilan University."

Shimona and Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, Eli and Greta Hirmes, Gladys and Matthew J. Maryles
From left, Shimona and Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, Eli and Greta Hirmes,
Gladys and Matthew J. Maryles, event chairman.

Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz made this observation during his talk on "Bar-Ilan, High-Tech Incubator; Strengthening Israel as the Start-Up Nation" at an American Friends of Bar-Ilan University (AFBIU) event held on Tuesday, July 14tth at the home of Greta & Eli Hirmes in Lawrence, NY. This spring, Eli was among the inaugural recipients of Bar-Ilan University's Presidential Award of Distinction.

Rabbi Kenneth Hain with Daniel Hershkowitz
Rabbi Kenneth Hain, spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Shalom in
Lawrence, NY, with BIU President Daniel Hershkowitz.

The Hirmes hosted the event in order to increase the awareness of people in the Five Towns about the role Bar-Ilan plays in strengthening Israel and the Jewish world-at-large.

Need for Stabilizing Forces in Our Lives

Hershkowitz told the gathering that the teachings of Torah and science are "tied together" because science tries to understand the laws of nature, which are described by the Torah.

"Through nature, which is created by God, we see the need for stabilizing forces in our lives…This is also true in trying to cure illnesses, which are caused by imbalances in our bodies," said Hershkowitz. He added that this shows how Torah and science are all part of one complex.

Greta and Eli Hirmes with Ronnie Stern
Event hosts Greta and Eli Hirmes with
AFBIU President Ronnie Stern.

Torah and Science – A Winning Combination

"Judaism's openness to following new directions in thinking because of scientific observations guides the work of Bar-Ilan. It is the hallmark of our University," said Hershkowitz.

He added, "Jewish values, Torah and science go hand-in-hand. We cannot disengage them from each other. It's a winning combination, which Bar-Ilan University is committed to pursuing in its respective endeavors."


To learn more about the Bar-Ilan projects that are sustaining the start-up nation, call Howard Charish, Chief Development Officer of the American Friends of Bar-Ilan University, at 212-906-3900 or email


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