BIU Medical School Partnerships Improve Healthcare in the Galilee and Advance Research to Combat Autism and Genetic Diseases

The positive impact that the BIU Medical School is now having on improving healthcare in the Galilee and strengthening medical research worldwide was recently recognized through a major grant by Israel’s Council for High Education and partnership funding by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Prof. Falik-Zaccai and Teva CEO Enez Vigodman
Prof. Falik-Zaccai and Teva CEO Enez Vigodman


Medical School Partners with Teva to Strengthen Research Combatting Autism and Genetic Diseases

Dr. Evan Elliot
Dr. Evan Elliot

BIU's School of Medicine has established two new research centers in the areas of autism and genetic diseases, representing an investment of $3.2 Million from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

The newly-dedicated Brain Research Center (based at the School), which focuses on autism, is directed by Dr. Evan Elliot, a founding researcher at the School of Medicine, where he has headed the Molecular Neurobiology and Behavioral Laboratory. Dr. Elliot and his team are investigating molecular mechanisms in the brain that have an important role in the development of autism spectrum disorders. These studies are directed at finding molecular pathways that could lead to future medical treatments.

Heading the Human Genetics Center, which is located at the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, is Prof. Tzippora Falik-Zaccai, an internationally known medical genetics expert and a senior lecturer at BIU's School of Medicine. Prof. Falik-Zaccai and her colleagues are investigating rare monogenic diseases, as well as common multifactor diseases. They also develop educational programs and custom genetic counseling for different Galilee ethnic populations. Identifying problematic genes can lead to swift diagnosis and treatment for patients. Determining a disease's biological basis will enable genetic counseling and diagnosis, leading to prevention of serious disease in affected families.

Prof. Mary Rudolf
Prof. Mary Rudolf

School's Social Involvement Project Wins Largest Grant from Higher Ed Council

An innovative communal "bridging" initiative at the BIU School of Medicine in the Galilee has been named by Israel’s Council for Higher Education as a flagship project for Academic Year 2015/16. The Etgar Center's medical-social support program is spearheaded by Prof. Mary Rudolf, Chair of Population Health at the School. In awarding the grant, the Council cited the project’s innovativeness and its impact on improving the well-being of Galilee residents.

The project seeks to train students to work more effectively with needy populations during their transition from hospital to home, and to train medical students to help during emergency situations. Each student will make house calls and follow-up on the phone with some ten patients discharged from the Ziv Medical Center and the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya.

Students will participate in comprehensive exercises with emergency and rescue forces and the Home Front Command.

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