Bar-Ilan Medical School in the Galilee
Holds First "White Coat" Ceremony

BIU Med School White Coat Ceremony

(Left to right): Prof. Batia Crystal, Prof. Moshe Ben Ami, Prof. Moshe Kaveh, Prof. Ran Tur-Kaspa, Prof. Jacob Bornstein and Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee students at the ceremony

Fifty-four students from the Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee donned medical white coats at a first-of-its kind ceremony symbolizing the transition to the clinical phase of their studies. Over the past few weeks these young doctors-to-be have begun their work in various hospitals throughout the northern region of the country.

Common in many medical schools throughout the world, the white coat ceremony is intended to create a psychological, spiritual and moral bond with the medical profession and promote empathy towards patients.

Carmel Fink, who just three months ago completed pre-med coursework in Italy and transferred to the Faculty in Safed, stood proudly among the fifty-four. "For me today is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I came to the Faculty of Medicine to complete my studies and now we are entering the phase in which we will turn theory from the classroom into practice at regional hospitals," said Fink, who brought her nearly two-year-old daughter to the event.

"Today I close the circle of a dream never realized," said Bar-Ilan University President Prof. Moshe Kaveh at the special ceremony in honor of the students, each of whom returned to Israel following three years of study in medical schools abroad. "My father wanted me to become a doctor, but I wanted to be a physicist. I believe that becoming a doctor is the most important thing one can do in his life. I never did study medicine, but today I have the privilege of assisting many people who want to enter this wonderful field." To the doctors of the future, Prof. Kaveh added, "Today you are wearing white coats which symbolize cleanliness and purity. They also symbolize your great responsibility for human life as medical professionals. We know that you will make us proud."

Faculty of Medicine Dean Prof. Ran Tur-Kaspa described himself as the adoptive father of the returning students. "We chose the best and brightest students, and that's why you're here with us," he said. "May you go from strength to strength."

"My friend Moshe Kaveh, you are not only a man of vision, but a man who turns vision into reality," said Dr. Massad Barhoum, Director General of the Western Galilee Hospital in Nahariya, in praising Prof. Kaveh for his outstanding leadership. Turning to the medical students honored at the ceremony, he said, "My future colleagues, you have been chosen to take part in this special occasion because you are of the finest cadre. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and begin working."

Prof. Jacob Bornstein, Deputy Dean of the Faculty, moderated the white coat ceremony. "As a resident of the Galilee, I have the pleasure of relaying to you warm greetings from all residents of this region. Obtain your medical degrees, adhere them to your white coats, and start providing medical care to residents throughout the Galilee region," he said.


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